"Concentration all your thoughts upon the work at hand; the sun's rays do not burn until brought to a focus."
KVS, Zonal Institute of Education Training (ZIET), Chandigarh established in September 2009, is one of the 05 ZIETs of KVS located in the capital city of Haryana & Punjab at Sector-33C, Chandigarh. It executes Educational Trainings/ In-service Courses/ Workshops/ Orientation Programmes/ Induction Courses for Content Enrichment, Attitude Building/ Skill Development & all round Personality Development of Officers/ Teachers/ Non-teaching staff of Kendriya Vidyalayas of KVS Chandigarh/ Delhi/ Dehradun/ Jammu & Gurgaon Region. The KVS Training Policy perspective is providing quality training to equip the Teachers and the Staff with Attitude, Skills & Knowledge required for their professional development in Kendriya Vidyalaya Sangathan so that, they contribute to the growth and development of students entrusted to their care. The present scenario of our society in the field of education is marked by social transformation, capacity building and empowerment.
KVS – Zonal Institute of Education & Training Chandigarh with its humanistic and constructive approach is committed to achieve its goals & to bring to the education community the vision of learning and teaching in its full glory. At ZIET Chandigarh, the training needs are identified & programmes are designed by the experienced faculty of ZIET to create a dynamic & flexible teaching community. The training programmes for teachers focus on developing in them the commitment to serve the learners & to pursue excellence in education with positive attitude towards life & faith in the capacity of the child. Following the ‘VISION’ of KVS-ZIETs to function as a centre for excellence in training the employees of all ability levels by providing a stimulating learning environment with a technological orientation, we aspire to accomplish the MISSION of providing quality training to enable the Trainees to function as true professionals of Kendriya Vidyalaya Sangathan. As the director of this institution, I believe the leadership is always a capacity to define oneself to others in a way that clarifies & expands the vision.

Mukesh Kumar
Deputy Commissioner & Director
ZIET Chandigarh