Rules and Regulations

Hostel Rules KVS ZIET provides modest hostel facilities on twin sharing basis. However, availability of rooms in the Hostel cannot be guaranteed and it will be made available on the first-come-first-serve basis. It is not feasible to provide single occupancy accommodation. Family members of the participants are not allowed to stay in the hostel with the participants. In case, the participants are allotted accommodation in the Hostel, they are required to pay Rs.250/- (Rupees two hundred and fifty only) per day per participant on room sharing basis (twin sharing) and Rs. 400/- for a single room (subject to availability).

  • However, in the event of non-availability of accommodation in Hostel the participants will be required to make their own arrangements at their own cost, as per their entitlement
  • The Institute and its hostel are located in SEC 33-c Chandigarh near Landmark Hospital.
  • The participant has to maintain the cleanliness while staying in the hostel. Dustbins should be used to throw garbage
  • Each participant staying in the hostel should switch off the lights and turn off the taps while leaving the room.
  • Before leaving the hostel the participant has to return back the keys at the reception counter.
  • Chewing beetle leaves and tobacco products and smoking are strictly prohibited in ZIET premises.
  • Washed clothes should be dried on the wires tied in the balcony and not on the walls.