Hostel Allotment

lt has been noticed that many staff members of various Kendriya Vidyalayas and Regional Offices request for accommodation in KVS, ZIET, Chandigarh Hostel without prior intimation or confirming availability of rooms. Some staff members arrive directly at KVS, ZIET, Chandigarh Hostel at any time of the day or night and demand accommodation. Many participants are bringing with them their child, parent or some other relative and asking that they also be accommodated in KVS, ZIET, Chandigarh Hostel. ZIET Hostels are meant for participants of In-service Courses and Workshops only. In case of Visually Challenged or Physically Handicapped participants, who require the services of an escort, the participant and escort are permitted to stay in ZIET Chandigarh Hostel.

  • You are requested to intimate all the Principals and the staff members under your jurisdiction that no staff member will be allowed in KVS, ZIET, Chandigarh Hostel, unless they are participants in the In-service Course or Workshop of ZIET Chandigarh .
  • Accommodation can be denied and the Director's decision is final.
  • Any staff member requesting for accommodation for any reason (except for attending lnservice Course or Workshop at KVS, ZIET, Chandigarh ) will send by email.
  • A scanned copy of application through proper channel and with the specific recommendation of the DDO.
  • A scanned copy of Photo Identity Proof.
  • Details of family members accompanying employee .