Training Policy

    Policy Perspective


    Kendriya Vidyalaya Sangathan, as an educational organization committed to quality school education of over a million students, requires to have fully committed and professionally competent employees – both teaching and non-teaching – who can shape the destinies of the students entrusted to their care. The development of employees as professionals calls for structured and systematic training to all its employees with a view to equip them with updated knowledge, current skills and enabling attitude so that they perform their duties effectively and efficiently.

    Vision Statement:

    Enabling KVS employees to function as true professionals in the field of school education through training.

    Mission Statement:

    Providing quality training to equip the Teachers and the Staff with knowledge, skills and attitude required for their professional development in Kendriya Vidyalaya Sangathan so that they contribute to the growth and development of students entrusted to their care.

    Training Target:

    It will be an endeavor of the KVS to provide for a three week training to the teachers at least once in five years, besides induction/orientation and other need-based courses they undergo and at least 5-day training to all its other employees in every cycle of 3 years likewise.

    Training Calendar:

    The Annual Training Calendar of KVS will be prepared in consultation with the directors of all the ZIETs for yearly implementation.

    Training Concerns:

    The training programme for teachers would focus on developing in the teacher:-

    1. Competencies to handle the needs of the students and that of the society
    2. Commitment to serve the learners and their profession and to pursue excellence in education
    3. Positive attitude towards life and faith in the capacity of the child
    4. Readiness to perform in the classroom in particular and in school in general effectively.

    What is true for the teacher is also true for other educational personnel. The officers dealing with academics need regular support to address the issues such as changing requirements in content, pedagogy and also the training of teachers and training of trainers. The other personnel – the non-teaching office staff – serving the KVS also need training and re-training at regular intervals to upscale their knowledge and skills and to foster a positive attitude to deal with various administrative decisions.

    Training Policy For Various Categories of Staff

    Training Policy For Teachers

    1. Every teacher will have to undergo mandatory course of three weeks duration within a period of 5 years.
    2. All teachers teaching subjects like TGTs (WE, P&HE, AE), PRT (Music), and Librarian will also undergo training of three weeks once in every five years.
    3. The non-teaching staff viz Section Officers, Assistants, UDCs and LDCs will undergo short period of 5-day courses once in every three years.
    4. Newly appointed teachers will undergo Induction training of 10 days duration in the first year of their joining, preferably prior to their joining.
    5. The teachers promoted from one post to another will undergo two weeks refresher course within six months of their promotion, preferably prior to their joining.
    6. 4-5 days workshop subject-wise will be organized for TGTs/PGTs producing result below 70% in the CBSE examination during August every year.
    7. Separate courses will be organized for teachers serving in winter closing Vidyalayas if adequate number of teachers is available in particular subject.
    8. Vidyalaya level Professional Development of Staff (PDS) programmes will be organized for the teachers serving KVs located in foreign countries.
    9. All categories of teachers will be considered for need based training programmes conducted in international institutes as per the norms and guidelines to be devised by the Sangathan.
    10. will participate in the courses/workshop/conferences/seminars etc organized by Institutes like NUEPA, CBSE, NCERT and other Govt. agencies.
    11. Every teacher will be trained to use computer in classroom instructions.
    12. Teachers will be trained in guidance and counseling courses so as to ensure that at least one trained teacher is available in every KV within 05 years.
    13. Teachers will be encouraged to undertake self–study or to undertake courses conducted by universities through distance mode. Suitable incentives will be given for successful completion of the courses certified to be in the Sangathan’s interest.
    14. ZIETs will devise some generic courses to be offered through correspondence cum contact mode.

    Policy For Training Of Group Non-teaching Staff

    1. Every non-teaching staff will have to undergo mandatory induction course of 15- day duration within 03 months of joining of the post.
    2. Training programmes will be organized for all non-teaching staff at regular intervals.
    3. In the training of non-teaching staff will by and large will be in-house. However, services of outside experts will be liberally hired even in in-house courses Separate training programmes shall be arranged for school staff and Regional office/HQrs staff.
    4. KVS will liberally depute non-teaching staff for Training programmes sponsored by DoP&T, Govt of India.
    5. Need based courses will be organized for non-teaching staff administration and financial matters.

    Short Term Training Programmes:

    Short term training programmes are effective and efficient modes of training and are relevant when focus is on limited areas. It is thus essential for all categories of employees to undergo need based short term programmes either arranged in-house or in collaboration with other organization. The need for short term programme may arise due to change in policy like RTE Act, NCPCR guidelines, RTI Act or introduction of new concepts like constructivism, CCE, technological advancement in education; competency based teaching, inclusive education.etc. Short term courses shall be organised as and when need arises.